What the heck is a pedicar?

Image source: http://asyl.ucoz.com

The pedicar was a pedal-powered, all-weather one passenger vehicle introduced in 1973 as a response to the energy crisis of the mid-1970s. According to the Handy Science Answer Book, it had straight-line pedal action, disc brakes, five forward speeds, neutral AND reverse. It’s 1973 cost was about $550 (US) which was fairly expensive as you could have bought a new Volkswagen beetle for at the time for about $1,300, and a used one for less than the cost of the pedicar.

The pedicar was conceived to be an alternative to the automobile. Claims of its speed were between 8 and 15 mph (13-15 k/h). It never quite took off in popularity and ended up mainly being used as a novelty conveyance around parks, resorts, country clubs and some college campuses.

It’s too bad this car didn’t become more popular as I would have enjoyed pedaling this thing to work every day at about 8 mph. Yeah, right.