Physics Equations and Formula Sheets

The following physics equations and formula sheets are some of the more useful ones I’ve come across in my recent years as a physicist. Some of these are intended to be used as-is, but you can always pull various equations and formulas from the specific topics you need and create your own.

AP Physics Exam Table of Information and Equations. 8 pages, 285k PDF. This is the sheet provided by The College Board to students when taking the AP Physics Exam. This is one of the more detailed formula sheets available. Current version copyright 2007.

MCAT Physics Equation Sheet. 3 pages, 286k PDF. For use by undergraduate students preparing to take the MCAT. Not as detailed as the AP formula sheet, but each equation has a brief description of its use. Topics include: motion, torque, work and energy, momentum, fluids and solids, waves, E&M, electronics and optics. Source:

Physics Formula Sheet 2009-2010. 2 pages, 80k PDF. Includes the basic equations and constants for high school or undergraduate level physics classes. Topics include: Newtonian mechanics, waves and optics, geometry, E&M and basic quantum physics. Source: Cal State University, Northridge.

Reference Guide & Formula Sheet for Physics. 8 pages, 209k PDF. An excellent formula sheet with a few hundred equations and constants. Many of these equations could be used in high school-level classes, but the majority seem more relevant to the physics undergraduate student. Prepared by Dr. Hoselton and Mr. Price of the Trinity Valley Preparatory School of Fort Worth, TX. Latest update: May 2005.